Liberal staffers “troll LinkedIn for ladies” while lecturing Canadians on feminism
February 5, 2018 editorial-team

Myriam Denis was looking for work in May 2016 when a staffer of Liberal Minister Bardish Chagger named Vahid Vidah approached her on LinkedIn and Facebook, asking for her resume. A series of inappropriate interactions and unwanted touching ensued. A year later, a senior Liberal in the Prime Minister’s office named Claude-Eric Gagne contacted Denis to try his hand at pathetic internet pick-up artistry, too. It was creepy.

Both men are now gone, Denis never got the job and she reported all the strange overtures to Chagger’s office. Eventually HR at the PMO reached out to her, despite Trudeau claiming all investigations into impropriety would be done by an independent law firm.

And that Liberal LinkedIn troll, Vidah, says that he did touch Denis’ shoulder or leg but it wasn’t in a sexual manner. He could be a touchy, open guy.

But this grabby act with women is one the PM himself often uses – with strangers, colleagues, spouses of colleagues, world leaders, and even royalty. Photos of Trudeau involved in highly intimate embraces and long gazes are endless.

While I think this is all wildly inappropriate and unprofessional no matter who does it, is Vidah just reflecting the culture of over-sharing and over-touching the PM is growing in the Liberal Party of Canada? He could be.

Unfortunately Vidah doesn’t have the profile, Liberal pedigree or last name to use it with any real success. Or he could be an old fashioned sleaze ball.

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